Screen Printing, Day Jobs, and Commissions

My oh my…. What a week!

Let me start by telling you how successful I’ve been screen printing images onto clothing:


…. I haven’t been….

Turns out screen printing is A LOT harder than the dude in the youtube video made it look. Go figure.

I’ve spent the past two weekends at two different friend’s houses trying to perfect this process. What I really need is someone who has successfully screen printed images onto apparel to teach me what exactly I’m doing wrong. Perhaps that was my thinking when accepting a job at a screen printing warehouse. I thought if I start working at a place where shirts are mass printed, I might be able to get some insight as to what I was doing wrong.

…..I didn’t….

I worked at Oregon Screen Images for a whopping two days before I threw in the towel. Here’s why:

I hated the hours. 6:30AM-3:30PM, Monday-Friday. These were Cheerful Tortoise hours and I hated them so much. Mornings are mine. I wake up at 6AM every day because that is my time. I do my physical therapy exercises. I draw. I write. I make breakfast. If the day job I’m working “just to pay the bills” eliminates this ever-essential chunk of my day, I don’t know that I can justify doing it. I never applied to Oregon Screen Images to be a professional factory worker. It wasn’t my dream job. My dream job is to write and draw all day, every day, forever. If a job I’m holding prevents me from achieving this goal on a daily level, it just isn’t worth my time.

Not to mention, I hatestanding all day. It’s one thing if I was moving around, lifting, walking, and given the freedom to take breaks as I wanted. It’s quite another to be working in a factory, standing on cardboard all day (no fatigue mats?), doing the same repetitive work with all the blood in my legs cramping and burning. I left work both days feeling like absolute garbage. Yes, some of this could’ve been remedied with better footwear, but this issue coupled with my previous complaint regarding hours made it easy to quit.

Plus, I’d found a new job! I had my first day today and I’m already loving it.

Beckett (my rugby coach) posted something on my team’s Facebook page about her friends needing help pool cleaning. I interviewed with some lovely folks last week and started today. It’s hard work, relying heavily on my upper-body strength (which… leaves much to be desired…). But I work with some wonderful individuals all day in the sun. Everyone is very aware of my leg injury. They check in periodically to see how I’m doing, if I’m able to do the jobs I’ve been given. I get the feeling that if I needed to take a break (for whatever reason), I wouldn’t need to ask. There’s no office politics like there was at Pruf Cultivar. No one’s gunning for anyone else’s job. No one is better than anyone else. We show up to a pool, clean it, and move on. And it is so refreshing to do good work on a team.

And I’m going to get so tan. So… so tan….

When I finished work around 4:30 today, I went to a bar and drew commissions for a couple hours. And now I’m home, it’s almost 9, and I’m about ready to crawl into bed.

This, this was the kind of job I needed. I covered all my bases today. I was outside, I exercised, and I did the art. Twice!

Now whether or not I can keep afloat with this job is yet to be decided….

On that note:


I’m doing commissions like crazy to try and make it through May. If I ever get the swing of screen printing, that will help supplement my income, but in the meantime, send me your commissionzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! I love them.

On an unrelated note, I totally bragged about not being able to burn today and I totally got sunburned.

Goodnight, internet.


One thought on “Screen Printing, Day Jobs, and Commissions

  1. I left my full time job and traded it in for a part-time one almost two years ago. I’ve never been happier. Keep doing what you’re doing for as long as it makes you makes you happy! But don’t forget the sunblock. 😝


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